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Eine Magischer Lebenslauf


Bill Cheung has performed magic in more 30 countries and 60 cities, who appeared on numerous TV show Worldwide, and he was 4 times invited to perform at  4F convention the "Original Close-Up Magic Convention" and the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world, and every year his original magic stunned the elite audiences and garnered  standing ovations. His unusual and delightful FISM act captured the imaginations of magicians worldwide,  he was crowned the World Champion of Card Magic at the 2018 convention of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM) in Busan, Korea.

Some Performance:

2015 Italy Abano Term Convention,
2016 Swissland Grenchen Convention
2017 Spain national Convention Manresa
2017 China Shenzhen magic convention
2017 UK London Closeup Session,
2015/2016/2017/2019 FFFF convention in NY USA
2017 Las Vegas magic LIVE
2017 TV SHOW in China “Amazing magicians”
2018 Almussafes Spain
2018 Finnland Nordic Magic Convention
2018 France national Convention in Arcachon FFAP
2018 UK magic Circle

2019 Japan Cup in Tokio
2019 Canada Quebec magic festivel
2019 Genni Convention in Orlando USA


Some Award:

2014 Winner in Europe Close-up Magic Symposium
2015 Grand Prix in Magic Championships of Belgium
2017 FISM European Close up Grand Prix & The European Champion of Card Magic
2017 Close up Champion in Swissland magic Championship (Bade Schweiz)
2017 Champion of Card magic in German magic Championship (Saarbrucken)
2018 FISM World champion of Card magic in Busan


Jiangsu TV “超凡魔术师 Amazing magicians”,CCTV3 “我要上春晚”, CCTV3中秋晚会, CCTV 4 华人世界, ......

Britain's got talent 2020...



Some Quote

 "Bill Cheung's magic is as clean and strong as real magic would be. It is full of cleverness and subtleties so it is impressive and fooling for both lay people and magicians. Get ready to be amazed by one of the new rising stars of magic!"

--- Boris Wild


“Bill’s act is one of the most visual close-up card acts I’ve ever seen.  Visual, not in a manipulative or flourishy sense, but in an impossible way — the magic just happens, out of thin air (often literally!) with no apparent means.  And perhaps best, just when you think you’ve witnessed the climax, you get hit with more and more miracles. It’s what magic is supposed to look like.”

 ---Simon Aronson


"Bill's routine is a beautiful back-in-time effect that fooled me!"

 ---Joshua JAY


"Bill is the most amazing magician I have ever see."

--- Rocco Silano

some more Awards:
2008 3th in Close up by Budapest Joke magic convention
2008 3th in Card magic by 53.Austria Magic convention
2th in Close up by Budapest Joke magic convention
2010 Specail Award
in Budapest Joke magic convention
2th Card magic in  54. Austria Magic convention
2th in Close up  Italy Magic convention (Abano Term)
2011 1th and Grand Prix Tschechien ADELL magic Fest 
2014 Winner in Europe Close-up Magic Symposium
015 Perform in FFFF Convention
2015 FISM World Championships of magic 4th in Card magic
2015 Grand Prix in Magic Championships of Belgium
2015 FFAP winner
2016 Perform in FFFF Convention(Standing ovation)
1th in card magic vorentscheidung German magic Championship
FISM European Grand Prix and The European Champion of card Magic



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